About Us

Christian Media Promo is dedicated to promoting Christian books, music, movies, DVDs/CDs, and Speaking Tours to the Christian and secular communities online.

Our Promise: Once you commit to using our company to promote your product, we commit to helping you keep your name and product out in front of the customer. We will be persistent in promoting your product.

The Way we Work: We will design an e-blast for your product, that we will send out to thousands of churches, as well as newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV stations across the nation. For book, DVD/CD, and music promos, we will also send the e-blast out to thousands of bookstores and for book promos, we will send the e-blast out to thousands of libraries, as well.

But our promotion effort does not stop there. The next thing that we will do is write a press release, that will be released nationwide, within 5-7 business days after the e-blast goes out (providing we receive your approval).

Your e-blast will also have permanent placement on our website.

But, our promotional effort still does not end there. Here are some other services that we offer.

  • E-Card Blast
  • Blog Building
  • Press Release Writing and Distribution
  • MySpace Page Design
  • Website Building
  • Flyer Design, Printing and Distribution
  • Postcard Design, Printing and Distribution
  • Bookmark Design, Printing and Distribution